Antonio is a Legend..he is at the top of his game! He was Mr. Exotic Erotic, and was voted "Dancer of the Millennium". He has competed and won several "Hard Bodies" contest. Also he has traveled and performed with popular male revues such as U.S. Manpower.Also has appeared as a guest on mornings on 2, and he is a favorite guest on a morning radio station bay area's most popular hip hop station 94.9

...........So ladies hold on to your seats! Not only can he perform an exciting show, his rock hard body wont quit!Ladies who are booking for there special birthday girl or favorite bachelorette "Antonio" is definitely the last man you want her and your guests to see! Antonio will fill his hour with an unforgettable performances, and Party games.Don't miss it, book him now! and ladies don't forget your dollars!
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 29
Wt: 190
Ht: 6 1